May 30,2011 Tommy's alarm went off at 4 am to do morning milking and out the door he ran. 

At 7 am Tommy's dog Simon began to whine a whine no one had ever heard before. So everyone was awake and ready to start the day. Tommy's birthday cake baked, chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast. 

At 8 am Simon was driving us crazy with his high pitched whine, so I put him outside on his cable run.  

Through texting, we found out that the morning chore employee quit, so Tommy was instructed to stay for the day or he was fired. Tommy decided to feed the calves and quit this job.  

At 9 am I looked out the window and Simon was curled up peacefully resting in the morning sun.  Ha I think look at him now, I wonder what was with him.

10:30 am I was outside, on the phone with Joey, Tommy's big brother. We were talking about the delay in our family day plans since Tommy was still at work.  Instinctively I turned towards the house and what took place stopped my world as it was and never will be.  

Tommy's big sister Jane with phone in hand, was at the front door coming to me.  Her horrified face and body hit the full glass storm door. As she dropped to the ground on the porch she was screaming over and over "Tommy's in the silo". At that moment I collapsed to the ground - I knew my baby was dead.  

At 8:51 Tommy pressed send, sending his last text.  He was standing in the entrance of an access door of a 20'x64' cement silo approximately 15 ' off the ground.  

This is what we read..."I show up, milk for 4 hours ad he wants me to stay all day with no warning what so ever - I'm leaving at 9 no matter what." He picked up a metal bar and continued with his chores.  He was angry and confused about loosing his job, longing to be with his family.

Tommy was taking turns in the silo with a co-worker. The bottom auger had been broken for years.  The silo was being unloaded by gravity.  They would enter the silo for 10 min at a time, then exit for fresh air.  There wasn't a life line or a respirator, just Tommy and a mettal bar.  Chipping and hitting the corn cave up above him.  He was trying to get the corn to funnel to the bottom of the silo so it could be augured to a feed wagon.  As the corn flowed out the 24"x18" opening at the bottom, the metal bar came out, then Tommy's cell phone, then Tommy's right leg.  The co-worker started digging, attempting to pull Tommy out.  Tommy was responsive for about a minute. Due to the weight of 15' of corn on top of him, the configuration of the silo clean out and the orientation of Tommy's body to the opening, Tommy could not be freed from the silo alive.  The corn cave had let loose assisted by the beautiful warming sun on the south east side of the cement, entrapping my baby beneath ton's of corn.
At 9:02 am 911 was called. Tommy died at 9:00 am May 30, 2011.
It took 5 hours to extract Tommy's body from the 10 inch thick hardened concrete with re-bar every few inches.
Rest In Peace My Baby
05.16.1993 - 05.30.2011